Nike Kids Shoes for $5 on Cloud Shoes, Nike Kids Shoe Carnival

A great deal on a pair of Nike Kids shoes can set you back just $5.

The deal was announced on Tuesday, and it’s all based on the $10 price tag on Cloud shoes that are now available at

If you’ve been eyeing a pair in the Cloud for a few months, there’s an even better deal on Nike Kids kids shoes at Nike Kids today.

You’ll get two pairs for $10, or two pairs of sneakers for $20 on Cloud.

The NikeKidsKids.

Com deals page lists the deal for a pair on Cloud for $25 off the normal price.

The deal also includes an additional $5 off the regular price of $25, but that’s a separate page that you’ll have to scroll through.

The price is actually a great deal for an entire season of Cloud shoes, as it includes free shipping on Cloud shipping.

Nike has also offered the deals for the same Nike Kids Kids shoes on the site for the past few years, so you can expect to pay just a little less for these new sneakers on Cloud now that they’re available.