Aldo’s new sneakers are just the beginning

Aldo is now sporting a pair of Nike LeBron shoes.

The adidas Originals sneakers will be available in July, and the company said the new shoes are just one piece of the new Aldo shoe line.

The Aldo shoes are a new design for the brand that includes a mesh upper, heel counter, and a woven sole.

The mesh upper and heel counter feature Aldo-designed logos on the tongue and heel of the shoe, while the woven sole uses Aldo technology to increase durability and durability.

The shoes also come in three colorways.

The Nike LeBron is black with a white stripe at the side and a white tongue.

The Adidas Originals version is red with a red stripe and white tongue and is black and red in a red and black colorway.

A second colorway will also be released.

The Aldo LeBron shoe is available in black and white for $120 and a black version of the Nike LeBron shoe will be released for $150.