Elon Musk: Tesla could be the most expensive car ever manufactured

Elon Musk has once again weighed in on the state of the electric vehicle industry, this time suggesting Tesla could one day become the most valuable car ever made.

Speaking to Recode on Wednesday, Musk said the Tesla Model S would sell for $30,000 when it was released in 2019.

“It would have been the first car that we ever made,” he said.

“And then we made the first Model X. So the Model X is the most iconic car of the 20th century.”

While the Tesla name is well-known in the automotive industry, Musk went on to say it was not something that had come about by accident.

“The car was a very complicated project.

So it was something that was a little bit luck-of-the-draw.

It’s not something we had all the luck of the draw with.

We had the right engineers, the right designers, the design team, the car was really the right one.”

The comments are interesting because Musk has long been a big fan of Tesla’s cars, particularly the Model S and Model X, both of which are highly regarded by enthusiasts.

He even has a special section on his website dedicated to Tesla’s products, including the Model 3, the company’s all-electric sedan that will be unveiled in 2018.

But in an interview with The New York Times in March, Musk revealed he is also in favour of making electric cars cheaper, to make them more appealing to consumers.

“I think the main thing is price is one thing, it’s probably one of the biggest reasons people have driven to electric cars, and then I think the reason is that they are cheaper,” he told the paper.

“They’re more environmentally friendly, and they’re more affordable.

But I think also the main reason for people is, if you can have it, why would you not want to have it?”

But Tesla has been struggling to make a profit for several years, and analysts have warned it will soon have to turn to the sale of its Model 3 electric vehicle, which will be launched in 2019, to try to regain its footing.

While Musk did not say how much Tesla’s Model 3 would cost, he did confirm the company will likely sell it for $40,000-$50,000, which is close to the price that the Tesla S model has been selling for since its launch.

“So if you look at that and you say, ‘Why would you go $40k, $50k, and not go $100k or $200k or even $300k or more?’

And that’s why,” he added.

“Because the cost of a car is not a number, it is not an arbitrary number.”