Nike unveils “Cloud Shoes” sneakers for men and women

Nike today introduced “Cloud” sneakers that offer a premium-quality, customizable, all-weather look for men.

The shoes feature a mesh upper that offers support, a cushioning system that cushions feet, and an elastic outsole that can be removed for comfort.

The Cloud Shoes also feature a “flyknit” upper that allows the shoe to be breathable, lightweight, and comfortable, as well as a mesh lining for a more comfortable fit.

Nike said the shoes are available in three colors, white, black, and teal, with an option to order the sneakers in other colors, including grey, white-grey, and grey-white.

The sneakers are available for purchase at Nike retail stores and online.

Nike also announced a new line of shoes called Cloud Shoes for men, which feature a microfiber fabric that offers additional comfort, traction, and breathability.

Nike’s “Cloud,” a premium line of sneakers with a unique aesthetic and a premium feel, will debut at select Nike stores and on select Nike-branded athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories.

Nike says the “Cloud Boots” will be available at select retailers in late April and early May.

For more, visit the Nike blog.

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