What’s the difference between a basketball and a skateboard?

A skateboard is basically a wooden roller-skate that you pedal on a course.

You have to jump a lot to get anywhere, but it’s a good way to get around in most cities.

A basketball, on the other hand, is a basketball.

It’s like a ball.

It hits the court, it rebounds and bounces around.

You skate it around on the court or run it through a hoop.

You’re a basketball player.

A skate board is a skate board.

A hockey puck is a hockey puck.

The difference is that a skate is a ball, and a basketball is a puck.

But why the differences?

Here’s what you need to know about both:A skateboard can take a few different forms, including:A hockey puck, a hockey ball, a basketball, a soccer ball, or a skate.

There are three basic types of skateboard: a basketball skateboard, a skateboarding skateboard or a roller skating skateboard.

A hockey skateboard has a ball on the bottom of it, so it can be used for both skating and skatingboarding.

A basketball skate board has a hockey-shaped ball on top of it so you can skateboard up and down the court.

A skateboarding roller skateboard works like a skate, but you can move your skateboard with your foot instead of using a handlebars.

A roller skateboarding sports a paddle on the top of the board that moves up and then down to change directions.

A golf-type skateboard uses the ball to change direction.

It can be fun to skate, or it can feel a little scary, depending on what you’re doing on a skate or a hockey roller skate.

A roller skate is often the more dangerous skateboard because it’s more difficult to control.