Which is better for you? – How to choose your sneakers

The sneakers of the future are all about durability and comfort.

That’s why Adidas Originals is looking to make sure its sneaker brands stay top of mind with the release of their new “RICK” line, which will hit retailers later this year.

The brand unveiled the sneakers at the 2017 Sneaker Summit on Friday, with a few notable changes.

The brand has opted for a matte black upper with a metallic “ROCK” branding.

Instead of a rubber outsole, the sneakers feature a soft rubber outliner, which helps keep the sneakers comfortable.

The heel section is lined with a layer of rubber.

Adidas Origials’ new “Rock” sneakers will be available in three colorways: “Black” (black with red accents), “Black-White” (white with red) and “Red” (red with red).