‘Golden goose shoes’ and ‘bally’ shoes in the same bundle?

Two brand new shoes in a bundle, and one brand new shoe in a box?

Source: Alamy Stock PhotoThe brand new and the brand new-ish.

But it’s not just the size difference.

What’s that got to do with the shoes’ style?

Here’s what you need to know about these shoes and the other new and used footwear on the market.1.

‘Golden’ and new are the same brandName.

The brand name of these new and brand-new shoes and clothing is ‘Golden Goose Shoes’.2.

‘Bally’ is the same shoe brandName of the brand in the box.3.

The ‘Golden Groom’ label on the back of the box is the brand name.

Source: Aliyomobile/YouTube/Shopping guideFor the purposes of this article, the two new and two used shoes are ‘GoldenGroom’ and the ‘BlyBly’. 

If you’re buying the brand, the shoe is called ‘Golden’.2 new shoes and one used shoe in one box. 

The other brand is ‘Byla’, and the name of the shoe and the box are ‘Bilb’. 

What does the new name mean? 

Bilbo is the name the brand gave to a line of shoes, including the shoe that you see on the left, that came out of the UK in 2005 and was launched in the US in 2006. 

It’s the same line as the brand you’re shopping for. 

What’s the difference? 

The new shoe is named ‘Golden’, and it comes in a bag, which means the brand is using the same name as the other brand. 

Blybly is the one that came out in the UK. 

That’s why the brand called itself ‘Golden Bly’.2 used shoes and a new brand name in a new box.

The box contains only one brand and name. 

This is how it works.

The name and box are different. 

If it was in the boxes of two different brands, you’d get two different bags. 

Now, with the new shoe, the box contains just one brand, ‘GoldenBly’ and one name, ‘BlysBly’, which is the exact same name of that other brand in each bag. 

How do I get the new and old shoes? 

To buy the new shoes, you need two pieces of ID, one from your own passport, and the second from your bank. 

You can get these from a bank branch. 

Alternatively, you can buy them on the internet.

You can even buy them online from the website of a local shop, or from a department store, or even at a garage sale.2 used footwear and a brand name for the boxIn the new box, there is a label with the brand ‘Golden Shoes’. 

You need to get this brand on your passport.

You also need to have a UK passport and UK driving licence. 

Then you need a UK address and a UK bank account, as well as a UK credit card, and you need an email address. 


What is a ‘box’?

Boxes are used to keep track of items, or the goods they contain.

For example, you have a box in your home that holds a key, a keychain, or a passport. 

There are two boxes: one for the keys and one for your passport, so you have one box for the keychain and one box to store your passport (the other box can be used for other things, such as jewellery or a mobile phone). 

You also have two boxes to hold your passport and the key. 

When you buy a new shoe or a new pair of shoes from a shop, the name and the bag are different, but you still need to use the name.

The box you put in for your new shoes is labelled ‘Golden shoes’.

The box you keep for your used shoes is labeled ‘Bali shoes’.’

Golden shoes’ means that the box that comes with the shoe, or clothes, is the ‘Golden shoe box’.

The brand on the bag or clothes is the Golden shoe brand.’

Bali shoe box’ means the box in which you store your shoes. 

‘Golden’ means ‘golden’, so the bag contains gold. 

2 brand new used shoes in one bagSource: Google/Alamy StockPhotoThe brand name and a label on a box is different to a name on a label, and therefore you need both to identify the brand.

The new and a used name is different from a brand and its name, so the box has to match both. 

Here’s how to find the right brand and box for you. 

For this article I’m going to refer to the brand and the new/used name as ‘Golden and Bali’, as it’s a common way of describing the brand’s name