How to save money on fashion items in 2017

The year is now.

Fashion is a way of life, but there are still a few things that are essential for us to consider when shopping for a new pair of shoes, says Jessica Boudreau. 

Boudreau is a senior editor at, and the author of a book called The 5 Essential Styles of Men’s Shoes for the New Year.

She also runs the blog Dapper Dudes, which highlights the best of what’s going on in the men’s shoe market. 

Jessica Boudarre, Dressable Dudes Blogger (Photo: Jessica Bostra)I’m a big fan of designer shoe warehouse sources and WornDudesBlog. 

I’ve got an online store that sells shoes for all kinds of budgets.

But I’m also an avid reader, so I can’t wait to see what you guys do with your new shoes. 

So, I decided to make this list of the most essential men’s shoes in 2017, based on the following criteria: cost, size, style and style. 

Here are the most important items on this list, in no particular order: Men’s Shoes (Price per pair: $40) (Size: 8) Mens Shoes for Women (Price per Pair: $35) Lion Brand Men’s High Top ($60) Nike Zoom X4 ($50) $30 Men Leather Jacket ($70) Mens Shoes For Women ($30) Levi’s 501 ($30, $55, £40)Men Leather Pants ($40)Mens Shorts ($30), $50, Men Tights ($50), Makes a great gift for a special someoneYou can check out Dresses for Dudes  for more information on men’s style.

To get started, use the following code FASHION2017 when ordering your favorite pair of men’s or women’s shoes.

For a quick comparison, here are the top 5 men’s styles from each category: Lions Brand Men Leather Jacket (7) Vans Mens Shoes (7), $90 $90 Levis 501 ($100), $150 $150 Nikes Zoom X5 ($80), $60 $80 Mans Shorts (7, 9, 11), $75 $75 Mats (9), $80 $60 Mets For Men ($85), $85 $85 Mits (9, $100), Men Boots (9) Diesels (8), $65 $65 Mottos For Men ($70), $70 $70 Men Shorts (7), Dives ($60), $55 $59 Mattresses (9). 

Mitch Liddell/AFP/Getty ImagesFor the best deals on the men and women’s styles in 2017 click here