Nike running shoes to be the mainstay of adidas football kit next season

The adidas Football Club will become the main sponsor of its Australian players for the 2016/17 season.

The announcement is a major blow for rival Adidas and for the future of Australian football.

Nike has previously said it would not be renewing its partnership with Australian football until it is ready to announce the next major kit partner for the sport.

The adidas deal with Australian Football was announced last year, but the announcement is the first concrete indication the future partnership is likely to remain with the US company.

The club will continue to use Adidas technology to develop the football kit and its sponsorship of the game is a key part of that.

Adidas have confirmed the new partnership will be made official in the coming weeks, with the club’s players and coaches wearing adidas shoes.

It will be a major change for Australian football and, more importantly, for adidas, as they are now part of a larger US company that is increasingly focused on the technology side of the business.

It is understood Nike have been in talks with the A-League about the future kit deal, which would include a partnership with the AFL.

Advisers are now working to finalise the details of the deal, with Adidas saying they are confident of getting it approved.

Adsidas Football manager David Kipps told reporters: “I can confirm that the adidas Australia partnership with our Australian players is on track and will commence in the next few weeks.”

Adidas is a world-class brand, and we’re delighted that our Australian football team is part of the adizero-branded future.

“We’re confident the partnership will result in our players having a fantastic playing experience.”

The A-Laws are set to go into effect this week, and adidas will not be the only partner in the game.

The Aussie Football Association is looking at ways to bring back sponsorship and adizeros as a result of the new deal, but that could be years away.

Adrian Van der Vaart said he would not take a break from football to celebrate the end of the season, and would continue to focus on the AFA’s goals.

“I’m really happy about the partnership with adidas because I’m going to be working on adidas-branded products,” Van der VAart said.

“It will give me the opportunity to be focused on football.”

The decision is a big one for the AFL, but Van der vaart said it did not impact the league’s preparations for next season.

“What I’ll do is focus on other things in my life and that will be fine, I’m sure,” he said.

The Australian Football League has announced it will use adidas technology in its training.

Advertising for adiSports and the AFT will continue, with new sponsorship deals being announced in the months ahead.

Read moreAdidas chief executive Adrian Van der Veen said the deal would help grow the game in Australia.

“The new adidas partnership with A-league players and the club, which will commence this season, will further support our club’s growth and will allow us to build on the tremendous success we’ve enjoyed in the first half of the year,” Van de Vaart told the ABC.

“While we remain committed to the future with adiSports, we have to recognise the impact that this partnership will have on our players, coaches and fans.”

Nike are the second largest global sports apparel company, with revenues of $1.2 billion last year.

The new deal has been negotiated in close partnership with Adidas and the AFL, with an agreement to remain the dominant supplier for the next two seasons.

The two sides are also working on an agreement for the third season.

In a statement, adidas said: “We are pleased to be able to continue to partner with the Australian Football Association, which is a global leader in the sport and the world’s most respected football organisation.”

With the new adiSport agreement in place, adiFacts will be the primary supplier of the Australian football kit, with Nike and adiAFL continuing to support the AFI’s vision and vision for the game.

Adidas Football will continue using adidas technologies to develop its football kit.”

The AFT are committed to building a successful partnership with Nike to develop new products for Australian players,” Adidas chief operating officer John Gough said.

Adidas Football will continue using adidas technologies to develop its football kit.

The partnership is expected to be completed before the end.

“This is a significant change for adids football kit partner and a significant step forward for the club and our players,” Van De Vaart added.

“Our players will be able now to play in the most challenging environment in the world.”

And we will be working with Nike, the world leader in technology, to build a new kit that will give the AFF players the most comfortable, professional football experience