Parents of children born in India to parents born in UK, Australia, France, UK to parents from India will not get compensation

Parents of Indian children born to parents who have lived in the UK, France and UK will not receive compensation from the government because of the birth of a child born to them in India, a senior court has said.

The apex court had directed the government to pay compensation to the parents of the two children of the same father and the mother, who were born in the country.

The parents have contested the issue, saying that their children are their own and the parents have no right to take them.

The court on Wednesday directed the Department of Health and Family Welfare to submit a report on the status of the cases.

The father and mother, along with the children, were born to a man and a woman who came to India from Pakistan.

The woman, who had migrated from the Maldives, was married to a Pakistani man and gave birth to a child.

She later remarried and had another child with a different man.