Under Armour announces plans to bring back men’s basketball shoes

Under Armour, which has already launched a line of men’s shoe collections, has announced plans to reintroduce men’s shoes for women, which were last seen in men’s fashion in the 1990s. 

In an email to staff, CEO Kevin Plank said: The new line of Under Armour men’s footwear will be available in men or women’s sizes. 

The brand’s goal is to provide men with a men’s and women’s shoe that is both comfortable and functional for their lifestyles. 

Plank said the new line would be a return to the classic design and look of Under Armor’s iconic men’s sports shoes. 

Under Armour men will be able to purchase the new shoes through their online store, which will include a Men’s Under Armour store, a men-only Under Armour boutique and a men men’s store. 

“This new product line reflects our commitment to our core brand of UnderArmour, as well as our ongoing commitment to supporting and enhancing the well-being of our customers, and will bring new value to our consumers, our brands and our businesses,” Plank wrote. 

There will be a range of new shoes that will include Under Armour’s signature sneakers, the Air Jordan 1, 2 and 3 and the Air Max 1, which have been worn by basketball stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. 

New Under Armour women’s shoes will also be available for men. 

This new range of footwear will not only offer an authentic look for women but also be more functional for both genders, said Plank. 

Men will be offered a range on the men’s side, which includes the Jordan 1 X, a shoe that has become a staple for NBA players like LeBron James. 

Also on the womens side, Under Armour will be offering women’s sneakers. 

 “With our commitment of supporting our brands, we will continue to work with brands and brands to provide the best footwear for our customers,” Planks said. 

Pank said that in 2017, UnderArmor will launch a new women’s footwear collection. 

Over the last few years, UnderArmor has focused on creating a collection of footwear for men that is comfortable and fashionable, but also offer the performance and comfort that are required for athletes who play sports such as basketball. 

With this new product offering, Plank says the company will continue its efforts to ensure that our men’s product will continue in the marketplace and help to build a better tomorrow. 

At the time of writing, the company did not have a timeline for when the new men’s line would launch, although it said in a statement to ABC News that the first pair of shoes would be available by early 2018. 

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A man named Marcus Robinson was inspired to design a pair of UnderArmor sneakers for his son, who is now a senior at Duke University. 

Now, the sneakers will be made available to the public. 

Robinson said the shoes would “give him a more modern look for the first time” and would “make him more athletic than he’s ever been.” 

The footwear was unveiled at UnderArmore’s Duke Spring 2017 Fall/Winter 2017 Men’s and Women’s Bootcamp on March 8.