Which shoe is right for you?

In a sport where every aspect of the game is a major factor, the Nike Golf series of shoes has become an icon.

From the color to the stitching, they are iconic, and now Adidas has unveiled the brand’s next-generation version.

The adidas Golf series 3-piece shoe will hit the market in the second quarter of 2017.

The new model features a new sole, with a “new look,” a wider toe box, and a new toe box insert for better grip.

Adidas says the new model is “as flexible as ever,” and it has a new tongue, which is more flexible than previous versions.

The Nike Golf 3-pack will retail for $300 and will be available in sizes from 5-14, with the shoes available for $400.

The shoe is made by adidas Originals, which has previously worked with Nike to create the Adidas Originals Ultra Boost 3-sport shoe, and the Nike Ultra Boost 2-sporers.

The 3-foot-long sneaker was designed by adizero and features a leather upper with a mesh lining and tongue, while a midsole and outsole give it a more athletic look.

A “new color palette” is being introduced to the Golf line, which will include “new colors such as Navy and Navy Blue” and will debut in June, according to the adidas website.

Adidas will continue to release its other shoe series, including the Adidas Golf series 2- and 3-layer shoes, and it plans to release more “sports-inspired” shoes in the future.

The company has also partnered with Nike on a new range of golf shoes that are lighter and more flexible.

In the Nike Tennis series, Nike has teamed up with the tennis shoe company to create “the first high-performance tennis shoes,” the company said.

Nike Tennis is expected to release in July.

Adidas Golf 3: What you need to know about the new adidas golf shoes