Why Nike’s shoe deal with lacostre is a win for all of us

Adidas says it has agreed to buy Merrell shoes from women’s apparel giant Lacoste for $1.8 billion.

The deal is a boon for women’s footwear makers and Nike, which has been aggressively promoting its “Daring to Be Black” campaign, which promotes a range of clothing brands from brands including Lacostre and Dior to other top brands like Converse and Nike.

Lacoste, which is also a subsidiary of the French-owned LVMH company, is best known for its shoes and shoes companies.

Merrell, a French-based retail chain, will sell the shoes in men’s and women’s styles, with the option to sell in men only, the company said in a statement.

Nike, meanwhile, has been trying to build a bigger footprint in the men’s market, with its iconic “Black Friday” shoe campaign in 2013 and its “Summer of Love” campaign in 2016.