Kobe Bryant shoes to sell out in 10 minutes, @shoes_decore tweet says

Kobe Bryant’s new shoes will be sold out in just 10 minutes after a tweet from the NBA’s official Twitter account said they were on their way.

The shoe maker’s latest, a $220 pair of Kobe Bryant sneakers, were available on the Nike website on Friday, less than 24 hours after they went on sale to the public on the shoe retailer’s website.

Kobe Bryant shoes, which were initially priced at $260, have sold out on Nike’s website, according to the company’s official account, but the shoes were not available for purchase at retailers.

The shoes have a Nike logo on the heel and heel cuffs, which the company said were inspired by Kobe’s signature shoes.

The sneakers have a black leather upper, black midsole and Kobe’s Kobe signature “Kobe” logo.

The shoe also features Kobe’s own logo on both the upper and the midsole.

Kobes shoes have sold around 5 million pairs in the United States, according, according Nike, so it’s unclear how many more pairs are in stock.