Stacey Adams: ‘The world is changing’ with Ivanka Trump’s first foray into fashion

By STACEY ADAMS | FEBRUARY 06, 2019 09:19:45The first time she wore a pair of Ivanka Trump shoes, Stacy Adams noticed they were in the wrong color.

She decided to take matters into her own hands, posting a picture on Instagram with the shoes in red.

A day later, Adams tweeted the image, tagging her two favorite sneakers with the word #trumpandstacy.

“I know I’m not the only person who thinks that the world is so weird that people are dressing like Ivanka Trump because of her name,” Adams, who runs the fashion blog, told The Huffington Post.

“I have a sense of humor about it.”

Adams was inspired to start the Ivanka Trump Fashion Revolution after seeing a fashion show by her favorite artist, Lauren O’Connor.

When O’Connors show was canceled after the Trump administration threatened to impose sanctions on Ivanka, Adoms decided to make the fashion revolution her mission.

“It was a pretty wild time for fashion,” Adames said.

“There was so much negative publicity around the Trump presidency and Ivanka Trump and her brand.

But when Lauren O’t Connor came out and said, ‘I’m going to be wearing Ivanka Trump clothing all over the world, because I think the world needs it,’ that really started this thing.”

The fashion world’s reaction to Adams tweet was swift.

She was inundated with requests for shoes and other merchandise, and she said she’s been receiving hundreds of messages from followers who are thrilled to see a fashion icon in the fashion world.

“We had to be so intentional about how we presented it,” Adamps said.

The Ivanka Trump brand has since become a global brand, with stores like Nordstrom selling Ivanka Trump items on their shelves, and her personal store, Ivanka Trump & Trump, which sells fashion accessories, shoes, and accessories.

“She’s just a great artist,” Adamas said of Ivanka.

“It’s just like I’m in a room and I’m having fun with her.”

It’s not just Ivanka Trump that Adams is taking a stand for.

In fact, her own mother, Gloria Adams said she has also become more aware of the world’s changing politics and needs to be more aware when it comes to her daughter.

“This is a woman who’s a model for women all over, and so much of that has to do with her being an artist,” Gloria Adam, whose son is a member of Ivanka’s modeling agency, said.

Gloria Adams was a model before Ivanka Trump was a fashion designer.

(Photo: Courtesy of Gloria Adames)Gloriamas mother, who died in 2015, was a strong advocate for the rights of women, said Gloria Adoms.

She is a fierce advocate for women’s rights and believes the world should change for the better.

“There’s a time and place for all kinds of things, but there’s no place for violence, there’s not room for hate, there isn’t room for bigotry, there shouldn’t be racism,” Gloria said.

When Gloria was a teenager, her mother would often go on walks and give speeches on behalf of women’s issues.

Gloria Adamas mother, a member in the United States Senate, helped write the Equal Rights Amendment.

“When I was growing up, she would be at the dinner table with me and she would tell me about her issues, and then we would share stories about her, and we would laugh about it, and I think that’s the reason why I have such a strong sense of her passion,” Gloria says.

“So when she was young and she saw that a woman was fighting for what was right and the issues were important, she became an activist.”

Glorianas mother passed away in 2011.

(Image: Courtesy Gloria Adamps)When she was a teen, Gloria had the idea to create a fashion line to help fight for the empowerment of women.

She also believed the world needed to learn about women’s oppression and the impact it had on women around the world.

For the past four years, she has been working with other women in their own creative endeavors to push forward the fight for women to be seen in the mainstream fashion world and be recognized as leaders in their fields.

“People are always asking me about Ivanka, but I think she has a lot of things that she wants to do that she hasn’t been able to do,” Gloria adds.

“She’s so young and so she’s a little bit afraid, but she’s really smart and she’s very driven.

She has her own vision.”

Glaia Adames daughter, Tiffany, wears a pair from the Ivanka Ivanka Trump fashion line.

(Credit: Courtesy Tiffany Adams)Glamour magazine’s September issue featured Tiffany Adames collection, which was released during the election season.”You see a