The Real Deal: Adidas Basketball Shoes in 5 Color Categories

It’s hard to believe that adidas is still making sneakers.

Last year, the shoe company announced it was cutting 100 jobs and was looking to focus on improving its manufacturing processes.

That effort didn’t go over well, and a lawsuit forced the company to halt production.

But Adidas hasn’t left its brand behind, and today the company unveiled five different color categories for its sneakers, including a new colorway for the upcoming Nike Air Force 1.

Today’s release includes a pair of Air Force One shoes, the brand’s first sneaker to be officially named the “Air Force 1.”

They’re called “Bubble” and “Hole,” and feature a new Air Force insignia and a design inspired by the new Nike Air Jordan 1.

The sneakers come in three sizes, the Air Force 5, Air Force 3, and Air Force 2.

The Air Force sneakers will retail for $190.00 on

They will be available in four colors, including white, black, gold, and silver.

For more on adids shoes, check out our full preview below.