What’s in a name? – The BBC

In a world of brands that are branded, you’ll find many who will have their own brands.

From jeans to high heels to shoes, it’s all about branding and whether you like the name or not.

So which names do you use to help you sell your goods? 

The BBC has compiled some of the best brands and brands in the world, from designer brands like Gucci to well-known brands like Levi Strauss, and others.

Here are our picks for the best names in brands, and the best ones for the business.1.

Levi Strauss Brand Levi Strauss has become a very big brand, and it has been for many years.

It has been around since 1848, and its name is synonymous with the brand of men’s shoes and other items.

However, the company has changed a lot since that time.

Today, Levi Strauss is a very diverse company, and brands are becoming more diverse too.

Its brand has been on the rise for a number of years, with many of its key brands appearing on TV in the past few years.

Its logo is also a bit of a stylised version of the French word ‘L’Etranger’.

Levi Strauss also owns brands like H&M, and a whole range of brands in other industries, including jewellery, fashion and toys.

Levi is a big brand on the UK market, and one that is not for everyone.

However for the fashion market, its brands have been making waves.

Levi’s flagship brand, the Levi Strauss & Tovolo line, is now one of the top selling brands in Europe.

This is a huge success for the company and for the consumer.

The brand has also won awards for quality and customer service.

Levi also owns the brand Levi Strauss and Co. and is one of its biggest shareholders.

The company also owns a number other brands such as the brands BAPE, and Nautica, and has a number more under its belt.

Levi has a long history in the fashion industry, having been around for almost 200 years.

Levi, the brand’s name is also very popular with British football fans.2.

Gucci Gucci is a Japanese luxury brand.

It is known for its sophisticated, handcrafted and couture fabrics and is well known for producing luxurious shoes.

The name is based on the Italian word gucci, which means to weave, which is a term that has been used for centuries.

Guccis logo is a mix of a flower and the word ‘go’.

The brand is known as a very masculine brand, so it has a lot of masculine products in it, including leather jackets, sports shoes, shoes for men and women, and men’s leather coats.

Its flagship brand is the Gucci Group.3.

Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren is a global luxury brand, which also has a huge fan base.

The first Ralph Lauren store opened in New York City in the mid-1980s, and continues to be a very popular destination for fashion enthusiasts.

The iconic brand is a luxury brand in its own right, and many people have bought its goods, including Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Its products are made to order, with the exception of Ralph Lauren’s famous polo shirts.

It also sells a number clothing brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci, and Dolce &amp.

Fabolous, as well as the line of men and womens jeans, as they are known by many people.

Ralph has also produced a range of fashion accessories and accessories for children.4.

Dior Dior is a French luxury brand that was founded in 1872.

D’Orleans was founded by the famous Louis XV in 1875 and the first collection of Dior shoes was launched in 1908.

Its fashion-forward style and fashion-conscious nature has made it a favorite amongst fashion fans around the world.

The new Dior line of shoes was recently launched in Europe and Latin America.

Its new collection is expected to debut in the autumn of this year.5.

Prada Prada is the world’s most famous designer brand, with a brand that has a massive fan base worldwide.

Its collections are so huge, that the brand has over 100 million customers.

However its biggest customer base is in the UK, where it has over 2 million stores.

Its most popular brands include Chanel, Louis Vuitch, and Ralph Lauren, as its top brands are the same.

Its brands include Versace, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, and Prada has been named one of Forbes “10 Most Influential Brands of All Time”.6.

Adidas Adidas is a brand founded in 1984 by Thomas Moses and his son Michael.

Its first collection was launched by the then-19-year-old Michael in 1993.

The latest collection was unveiled in November 2017, with an extensive collection of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.