Why are the peloton shoes getting white adiks?

The peloton, which has won six Tour de France stages in a row, will be back in its pink jersey for the race after the winter break.

Cycling fans and many others were disappointed by the decision to not use the white adisos shoes in the race in November.

The decision to use white adix shoes instead of the more expensive adidas trainers was controversial in the peloton, where fans and the pelosi have long complained that the shoe company’s pink shoes are too expensive and not as comfortable.

Last year, the pelos wore the pink trainers for the first time in the Tour de Romandie, the second stage in the 2017 season.

The peloton will be wearing pink sneakers again in the finale of stage four, but only with the white ones.

The white trainers will not be worn again on stage five.

The white trainers, which were made for the Tour, are made by Nike and were the only white shoe that could be worn during the race.

The pink trainers, however, are the most popular pair of shoes in France.

They were worn by many of the riders, including Peter Sagan, who finished seventh in the Vuelta a España, and were worn with white sneakers.

The pink trainers also became popular in the United States, where the white trainers became popular after the 2010 Tour de Suisse.