Kevin Durant to wear sneakers for 10th straight game, but wear socks for next time

Kevin Durant is scheduled to wear a pair of Nike Air Max 1s for the next 10 consecutive games after wearing socks for the first time in his career on Monday night.

Durant will wear socks in his first game against the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday, then wear them in the second game against Portland on Wednesday.

He’ll wear them again for his next four games, with socks worn for two of those games.

The former MVP said he was wearing his socks for 10 consecutive days after wearing them on Feb. 7.

He was wearing socks in five of the first seven games after the first, with the last game wearing them in his final regular-season game on Jan. 30.

Durants last socks-on-socks appearance came in his fourth game against Detroit in 2014, when he wore socks.

He had worn socks since his rookie year in 2013.

On Monday, Durant told reporters that he was using them to make sure his feet weren’t cold, but he didn’t say how he was doing it.

He said the socks were “really comfortable,” but he couldn’t talk about specific socks he was working on.

He said his goal is to be able to wear socks to the NBA Finals, and he said wearing them for 10 straight days isn’t a good idea.

Durance was in a funk the last time he wore a pair, in January.

After winning his fourth MVP award, Durant had the team on the court wearing white sneakers that he couldn�t wear, and the team wore white socks.

That was during the season-opening loss to New Orleans.

The Lakers’ Bryant had a pair in a game against Utah.

He wore them to his next game, when the Lakers defeated Washington.

On Sunday, the Lakers were in a three-way tie for second place in the Western Conference and in the race for the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference with the Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder.

They were playing for their second straight NBA Finals.