Why Nike is ‘on fire’ for the Superbowl

Nike has a new football shoe on the market.

This is the first Nike Superstar, which is the brand’s new sneaker.

The shoes are sold exclusively online through Nike.com, and it is available in seven colorways.

Nike says that this is a “biggest year for Nike and our shoes in terms of sales since the launch of the Superstar in 2012.”

The shoes can be bought at Nike.co.uk or on-line at Nike’s website.

A Nike spokesperson said: “We have sold over 1 million pairs of Nike Superstars to date.

The Superstar is a signature shoe for our athlete, team and community.

We have had a huge response from the Nike community and have had over 100 million downloads of our new Nike SuperStar, the #1 sneaker of the year for the third consecutive year.”

The new Superstar comes in six different colors, with the new Nike Air Max 1 sneaker, a new version of the Nike Air Boost 2, the Nike Zoom 3, the new version the Nike Flyknit 2, and the new Air Max 3.

The Nike Air Superstar will be available from May 12 to August 30.